• Bob C.

    “In April 2011, I collided with another motorcycle head-on and ended up losing most of my right leg. My trauma surgeon that night was a West PA Ortho doctor, and the care I got from him was second to none. “I had to take a few years off after the accident, but I’m back to […]

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  • Matt S.

    “Western PA Orthopedics is extremely professional, very convenient, very respectful of our time, and their expertise is very high. I felt very comfortable. I trust everyone, from the doctors to the staff. They’re all very efficient. My experience with them dates back 20 years, and the level of care has been consistently great. You know […]

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  • Mike S.

    “We are like the ‘poster family’ for Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine. A former college baseball catcher, I’ve had a number of knee surgeries, and a car accident tore rotator cuff. I later tore my other rotator cuff and have had carpal tunnel surgery, and my wife has broken an ankle and a wrist. […]

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  • Jack V.

    “My shoulder would ache in the evening when I laid down to go to sleep, and the pain would wake me as I turned. When I got up, the discomfort went away. My doctor recommended Western Pennsylvania Ortho & Sports Medicine.” “Because of bone spurs and arthritis, my West PA Ortho surgeon did a total […]

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  • Ryan Y.

    “In the last 18 months, I’ve had 3 right knee injuries. The first was a volleyball injury: a complete tear of my right ACL with three torn ligaments. The second injury was from riding my ATV. In November 2013, I slipped on some ice and it re-tore my ACL and meniscus. For all three, my […]

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  • Susan S.

    “I had always been very active, walked 5 to 8 miles every day and loved dancing. But arthritis took my life away. I would come home and cry because I could hardly walk. My family doctor referred me to Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sports Medicine (WPOSM). “My WPOSM doctor said my best option was surgery. […]

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  • Barb S.

    I had two bone-on-bone knees and couldn’t stand long in one position. I had to sit down. My WPOSM orthopedic surgeon said it was arthritis in my knees, and I had my right knee done in April 2014. It feels good. I did very well, and when I was all done, I didn’t use a […]

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While there are many different types of pain, knee injuries can be especially painful. Most of us have experienced some type of knee pain, whether mild or severe, and sometimes it limits our normal movement or activities. This sort of knee pain is incredibly common and frequently results from something like overdoing it at the gym, injuring yourself on the job, or maybe simply moving the wrong way.

The knee is a very complex area, with the potential for many different types of injuries. Below are some of the major types of knee injuries. Note that depending on what kind of knee injury you may have, an accurate diagnosis and a good explanation of treatment options are very important. Always consult a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon before making any medical decisions.


Fractures may occur in three different parts of the knee. These are the patella (kneecap), distal femur (thighbone), and proximal tibia (shinbone). Of these, a patella fracture is the most common.


Dislocation is when one or more parts of the knee are forcefully moved out of their proper location in the knee socket. All three major bones can be removed from their socket, but dislocation can also be caused by abnormalities in the structure of the knee.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries

The infamous ACL injury is a common injury for athletes. An ACL injury occurs when the ligament in the knee is torn from twisting the leg suddenly or taking a bad fall.

When knee pain is persistent and starts to really keep us from functioning, is when it becomes more serious. At this time, most people have already done plenty of research on the subject and tried many varieties of non-surgical treatment choices. Knee replacement surgery is usually considered last, once all other alternatives have been exhausted.

An orthopedic surgeon will help you decide if a knee replacement surgery is required, as well as make a case for the risks and advantages of your unique scenario. The result of getting a knee replacement is often a better quality of life: physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. Many knee-replacement patients are able to live a pain-free life once more.

Knee replacement surgery often provides the best possible likelihood of returning to living a full life. If you’re thinking that this could be the case for you, we are here to assist. At Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, we specialize in leading-edge surgery that is tailored to your unique individual circumstances. For more information, you can call (814) 762-6188.


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  • Expert care. Our board certified, fellowship trained orthopedic specialists have been providing superior care in Western Pennsylvania since 1982. Our team’s diverse expertise means we stand ready to provide proven, effective solutions for all musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Compassionate care. Our caring physicians work together with our friendly staff to get you back to healthy, active, everyday living. We take the time to get to know you, learn about your needs and goals, explain every step of your treatment, answer any questions you may have, and work with insurance companies on your behalf. We want to take the worry and hassle out of getting you back to optimal health.
  • Convenient care. We’re here for you when you need us. We have four convenient locations, and we have relationships with the area’s hospitals should surgery be necessary. We specialize in advanced, minimally invasive procedures to speed recovery.
  • Optimal outcomes. We use the latest advancements, with proven results, to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate all injuries and conditions whether caused by accident, sports injury, overuse or aging. We will identify the source(s) of the problem(s), develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs and goals, and then correct the issue as quickly as possible.

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